Miscellaneous Excerpts

ON PEACE (Chapter 9)

In high school, I learned about the importance of inner peace.  Although I didn’t find it, I realized that in order to have world peace, it had to begin within each individual.  I began to understand peace not just as a non-warring condition of nations or the world, but as a state of harmony between people in every day situations as well as within our own minds.  I realized that I could impact the world not only through activism and advocacy. The way I lived my life every day, with love and kindness, could have a ripple effect that would touch people on a spiritual level with far reaching consequences.

ON WAR (Chapter 12)

On October 27, 2001, less than two months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the United States waged war on Afghanistan.  It wasn’t a surprise to me, but I was disappointed none-the-less.  I don’t think that I’m a pacifist.  I enjoy football with all its appalling violence.  I’m not that honorable.  But I would walk away from a fight.  And I believe in forgiveness, although it takes time for me to get to it sometimes.

On SERVICE (Chapter 13)

When you’re out cleaning the stream, ask yourself:  Do I want to continue to provide this service year after year, to keep coming back to clean up after others who don’t know any better or don’t care?  Or do I want to figure out how to educate people, how to fight for policies that force people, if necessary, to take care of our ‘aina so that I don’t have to clean up again and again?  How will we sustain our island resources for future generations?

When you’re out feeding the hungry, ask yourself:  Do I want my son or daughter to have to provide this service 20 years from now?  Why can’t we end hunger if there’s more than enough food to feed the world?  How can we eliminate hunger in this incredibly rich country in which we live?


It can’t be that bad
You work, you clean, you see friends
You laugh, you smile
You say you’re fine, I hear you
It can’t be that bad
Fibro, you make me so mad,
like a cow’s disease
swollen knees, swollen feet
in my joints
Tender points.
My entire body feels bruised, fibro,
why do you beat me so
Like a flu that won’t go away,
aching tired muscles, so exhausted I can hardly lift my own arms.
Foggy brain, words won’t come
I feel so dumb
Waiting all day for nighttime
so I can sleep and leave you for awhile
But you won’t let me sleep, will you?
You tease me with an hour and then you wake me.
You won’t kill me but you make me
wish I was dead.
I try to forget you, but you’re persistent
You punch me all over
Throb in my jaw
Burn under my cheekbone
Like a toothache in my face
My nerves so raw
I put the sheets over me,
But like the princess and the pea
I feel the weight of everything on me
Please, turn down the noise and stop the glare
and why are people allowed to wear
Oh fibro, you turn up my senses to the highest decibel
And you blast them, it’s torture, it’s terrible
Please someone turn down the volume, please.
You should try a naturopath you should exercise more you don’t look sick how are you feeling have you tried Lyrica Savella Guaifenasin Cymbalta Neurontin
Put me down
Like a stray
Make it all go away.

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