Chapter 2 Excerpt

I couldn’t sleep that night, worrying about what I had seen, wondering what to do.  Should I stay silent?  I didn’t even really know Michael Beasley.  Should I say something to Miss P?  Bad idea, I would be staying after school next, writing who knows what on the chalkboard.  Should I start telling people about it in the playground?  Start a war of words?  But then what?  What good would that do?  And then the idea came to me.  I knew that if I “told” on Miss P to someone in authority, nobody would listen, I was just one small, foolish fourth grader.  But what if I got a lot of other people together and they ALL were mad about what Miss P did, which of course they would be, because it was wrong, very wrong.  I would create a petition to fire Miss P.  I would get all of my classmates to sign it, even kids from other classes.  I would do it in the morning on the playground.  I would take the petition to the office and give it to the principal.

I got out of bed and turned on my desk lamp and scrambled for some paper and a pencil…

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