Letting Go: A Memoir

BookCoverPreview.doKelley has two passions — her children and world peace — so when her first-born decides to join the army during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, she is torn between her commitment to non-violence and her devoted role as mother.

Letting Go tells the story of Kelley Lum Oshiro, who won’t let the debilitating chronic migraines that have inflicted her since childhood interfere with her innate sense of social justice and her passion for world peace through love.  When she gets pregnant while in college, however, she puts her ambitions on hold to devote herself as a mother.  The physical pain she has endured for so long, coupled with the emotional stress she feels over her son’s venture into military life nearly take her life as she struggles to find the balance between her idealistic fight for world peace and her daily battle for inner peace.

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